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In such a fast-paced industry, we feel it's important to have a pulse on the latest entrepreneurs, tokens, thought leaders, and regulations.


Only by staying up to date with the latest do we believe forward-thinking ideas will emerge. This is why we host events and are eager to connect with any and all companies active in the cryptocurrency landscape.



AlphaMine leverages its extensive network of blockchain developers and data scientists to provide bespoke software solutions to hedge funds.


We constantly prototype, test, and deploy financial models at scale. Alphamine can level the playing field for investors and entrepreneurs looking to launch new mining operations.

Alphamine has the relationships and experience to help you understand, navigate, and succeed in the bulk hardware marketplace.


Our firm partners with senior blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to provide the latest hardware and software for your ongoing mining operations.

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AlphaMine, LLC is
a leading Datacenter Technologies Advisory firm. 

Our partners and service providers cover multifaceted and ever-evolving industries focused around Blockchain adoption. We craft complete commercial solutions including bulk mining hardware, analytics, forecasting, and operations to some of the largest cryptocurrency mines in the world.


Alphamine's deep expertise in distributed systems and asymmetric cryptography is standing by for those financial institutions who are ready to extract Alpha from Mining. 


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Evan Bender



 VP Engineering

Metehan Ozten

Mr. Khazaieli has a  B.S. in EE, Technology Mgmt., background in RF/analog systems, digital design, signal processing, and HDL (FPGA) programming. He has been involved with designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and delivering various hardware products to market since 2009. This includes consumer-grade GPU miners as CEO of Revolux LLC as well as custom hardware solutions for Alphamine clients 

Mr. Bender applies his intricate knowledge of sourcing and sales to rapidly scale any mining operation he works with. He is currently focused on establishing key relationships and strategic partnerships at the intersection of Mining and Finance. By building a portfolio of advisors, investors, factories, and distributors he strives to secure Alphamine's position as a top competitor in the mining industry.



Metehan has an M.S. in Computer Engineering has a diverse background from L-3 Communications and the DoE to Oracle. He runs two crypto-based businesses. He's a computer scientist with a demonstrated history working in higher education, finance, and now entrepreneurship. His proficiencies include Embedded Software, C/C++, Java, Python, Verilog and Machine-Learning.

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